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Mommy Meditations: Life After Birth
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Mommy Meditations Audio CD

Mommy Meditations is a new audio product designed to teach new moms how to meditate, giving you the tools to embrace your new role and new baby. Using meditation, this innovative, natural approach can help a new mom adjust to life after childbirth and be a healthier, happier and more effective mommy.

Mommy Meditations is likely to be a welcomed gift by any new mom. It provides techniques designed to help new moms ease their mental and physical transition into motherhood. The CD contains inspiring insights, guided meditation, calming music, MOMtras (mommy affirmations) and more. A new mother can learn how to make positive changes that allow her to be a calmer and a more "balanced" mom. Even veteran mothers will enjoy the break from a hectic day that Mommy Meditations offers. Read More

Listen to a Sample Track: A Message from Dr. Kerri Parks

Dr. Kerri Parks amazing triumph over postpartum depression and loss.

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A calm and happy Mommy is a calm and happy Baby!
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